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Upcoming projects

Stratford Festival 2024 season

This is Marissa's second season with the festival. She will be playing Grace Harkaway in London Assurance directed by Antoni Cimolino, appearing in Twelfth Night directed by Seana McKenna, and understudying Juliet in Romeo and Juliet directed by Sam White. 


Louisiana Purchase Exhibition of 1904

Based on the St. Louis World Fair where over 1,000 Filipinos were imported to America to be featured in a human zoo, we follow the story of three Filipina women lost to its history who remain buried 13,000 kilometres away from home. Currently being developed with fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company.

Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for funding the creation and development of this piece.

Un merci spécial au Conseil des arts de l'Ontario pour le financement de la création et du développement de cette pièce.

Special thank you to the following theatre organizations for their support through the RGTC period of 2022/23: Theatre Passe Muraille, Why Not Theatre, Toronto Fringe, and Outside the March.​


Carlos Bulosan Theatre's Disconnect(ed) Collective


Three new generation Filipinx-Canadian women are at the table together and asked to create a piece that speaks to their experience as young Filipinas. How have beauty standards changed since the riveting production of Miss Orient(ed) by Nina Lee Aquino and Nadine Villasin? They explore these questions and more in this upcoming project.

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